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Friday, March 20, 2009


I am currently in Tallahassee, Florida. Before this trip, I didn't even know how to spell Tallahassee, let alone anything about it. Now I'm here, about to train nearly 30 people on faith-based community organizing skills to make the Church a more welcoming place.

Last night, I was talking with the other trainer. We were at a restaurant/bar that was next to our hotel. It was karaoke night, and the music even reached us all the way across the restaurant. She told me that this is one of those random, magic moments that I will experience in my life. It's true. This was not someplace I expected to be.

Yesterday, I met a large chunk of the planning committee. They are a wonderful group of people, who are so excited to be hosting this training. They spent hours yesterday setting up the room. They arranged fresh-cut flowers for us and put up drapes and curtains. I can't believe the hosptiality of these folks. They do know how to welcome!


Blogger bjm said...

You are definitely a child after my own heart. I get so energized with trainings and being able to share my passions with others. Now, if we're really alike, you'll be exhausted once it's over. Take some time to unwind.
Love you - MOM

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gram say;. I know you will do a great job. You always do. Enjoy your work and give yourself some time to relax. Love

2:31 PM  

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