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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My New Rhythm

Did you realize a funny thing about the world "rhythm?" There are no vowels. Yeah, yeah, there's a Y in it, but that doesn't count. Not really. The letter Y only counts in those short little words, not one with so many letters in it.

Anyway, I'm adjusting to a new rhythm. This whole year has been an attempt to find a new rhythm. This fall, we were working out at 6:00. Eventually, life caught up with us, and we went to bed later and got up later.

Now, we are back to getting up at 6:00, but there's no time for exercise in the morning. Now, my other half has to get to an 8:00 class, while I begin my day a little earlier. My class doesn't count toward my FTE, so I work later in the afternoon as well. This schedule works out perfectly with my other half, as he also usually has class until 4:40.

By the time we get home, walk the dog, cook, and eat dinner, it's 7:30. I have a little time to check email and maybe post a blog, but then I'm in bed by 10:00. No time to lounge. Not until May.

Our dog has not caught up to the new rhythm yet. He sleeps all night, then is awake with us for about 1.5 hours in the morning. Then he sleeps all day until we get home at 5:30 or so. Lately, he's taken to waking up at about 4:00 AM, wanting to go outside. My other half is very good about taking him. But then he's not in the mood for a walk when I take him at 6:30. This morning, I lectured him in the middle of the street. I knew he couldn't understand a word I was saying, but I felt better saying it.

Perhaps this rhythm is only going to last a few more months. Once the 8:00 ends in May, then we are going to establish a new rhythm. I don't know what that will be like.

I often like to think that my life would be simpler if I followed a routine schedule. But whenever I really have one, I find it very limiting.


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