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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Waiting for the Light

I was out of town when the winter solstice passed, so I didn't comment on it. However, I also have an appreciation for the solstice. I love summer, and I love light. I tend to get a little down in the fall, when the days get shorter. The summer solstice is wonderful because it can stay light out so late in the day (the latest I've seen the sun was at 11:00 at night - it was great!). I also like the winter solstice because I know that the ever darkening days are past.

Of course, winter solstice also falls within the Advent Season. It's been great to read many of your advent reflections. There are some great thoughts out there on waiting...expectation...waiting for the light to come.

It's funny, because now Advent is over. Christmas is over. The light has entered the world. We have the promise of light. And yet...I'm still waiting for it to lighten up. The lengthening days are barely perceivable. It's there, but I can't see it.

I guess that's what epiphany is. We get to read stories of Jesus growing into his ministry. If people were following the story for the first time, they would not realize all that Christ is. We still have to wade through the Lenten wilderness before we get the full glory of the resurrection. The promise is there, but it is not yet fully realized.

In the same way, we get to witness the slow process of warming the world. The evenings are still dark, but I can feel in my gut that things are going to get lighter. Summer is coming. Christ is coming. Light is coming. Love is coming.

Wow. It doesn't seem like Advent is over, does it?


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