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Monday, January 02, 2006

Nine Ladies Dancing

It's only the Ninth day of Christmas, and we just took down our Christmas decorations. I was actually considering doing it tomorrow. I usually like to leave them up until Epiphany Day, but practical considerations got in the way for me. I had the energy now, and if I didn't get to them, then I'd be leaving them up until Flag Day.

In actuality, it went quickly. We didn't put up as many decorations as we usually do this year, since we would be gone for such a long time. My other half and I both did it together. We gave ourselves more of a deadline, since a friend was coming over for dinner. We wanted to have everything cleaned up by the time she got here. The pressure worked!

It was also my first day back at work since December 14th. We don't start classes until January 17th, so there is this quiet time when we can work at our own pace. I really like this time. I can work at a leisurely pace. I can take breaks or lunches away from campus without all the rush I usually have.

Don't get me wrong. I have plenty to do...I just have a better pace now than I usually do. This year, I have even more. We decided to hold a conference for college students on spirituality and sexuality. I sort of volunteered to be the coordinator of the conference. I'm excited about the conference, but it adds a layer of stress on all the other stuff I have to do. The conference is actually going to be a good one. We even have registrations coming in from around the country...I only expected people to drive here.

If you want to check out my project, I'll give you a Registration is still lower than I would like, but I'm really intrigued at the people who are attending. I also have to keep reminding myself that college student do everything at the very last second. In fact, I'm banking on that being true, so that there is a good attendance at this thing.

Maybe J will also put a link on his blog. He's also working with me on the conference. (Am I hinting too much?)

I'm going to relish this time in early January. It's a calm oasis before the business starts up again.

It also feels good to be back in this blogging community. I've been reading a lot of folks, but I haven't contributed very much. I feel like I'm returning from an absence. It's good to come home.


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